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SUP is safe, easy and fun. If you have a background in canoeing, kayaking or other water sports you might find that SUP comes very naturally; however even if you don’t have a background in water sports, SUP can still be learned swiftly. Especially for yogis with good balance, SUP is a great way to challenge that balance and target your core for a fantastic workout.

We work with two wonderful companies who provide Stand-up Paddleboarding lessons in London and in Windsor.


Active 360 offers a SUP school with lessons mainly running from Kew Bridge North, Paddington Basin, Putney and Islington Boat Club. They run introductory sessions and regular trips for those who already know how to SUP. Their professional coaches are certified to teach and also hold all necessary water safety qualifications so you can rest assured you are in good hands. Find out more and book a lesson today at Active360.

Canoe and Kayak ToursĀ 


Located in the heart of Royal Windsor, Canoe and Kayak Tours will be offering Standup Paddleboarding lessons and board hire starting April 2016.

Canoe and Kayak Tours have been offering canoe and kayak hire and trips for many years and now standup paddleboarding will be an option too. If you fancy a trip with a castle view or kayaking into the sunset then get in touch with them here. You can also book our SUP Yoga classes in Windsor here.


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