17 Reasons to join Our Moroccan Yoga Retreat in 2017

Reason One: Moroccan Mystery and the Allure of a Good Door

A good door is an invitation and a preview. It can hold a promise of new beginnings – a warm welcome to what lies ahead. This is particularly true in the case of Tigmi, our retreat home outside of Marrakech. Tigmi has a rich history – starting out life as a home for a local judge. Since then it’s grown into two separate compounds with 20 rooms but somehow maintains the feeling of being a home. In fact, the Berber word for home is ‘Tigmi’.

There are so many reasons why people fall in love with this little oasis and we’ll talk about some of them over the 17 Reasons to Join Our Tigmi Yoga Retreat – but the first reason in the list is the gorgeous doors you’ll find around the complex.

The Tigmi architecture is a maze of courtyards. You’ll find little flower-filled nooks and brilliant sun-traps wherever you look. It makes the perfect setting for a yoga retreat – allowing group gatherings in the courtyards and public places while offering peaceful getaways for anyone wishing a bit of alone time.

The February 2017 trip will be our 9th to Tigmi – and I always find something new to love and appreciate each time I go. It’s not just me who’s fallen under the Tigmi spell – a number of people rebook to come back on another retreat with us at Tigmi – some within the same year! This February (so far!) we have 6 people returning.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll find at Tigmi.

There’s so much to see behind every door at Tigmi. We do hope you can join us for our 9th magical Moroccan retreat. Find full details of the retreat here.