Yoga Classes & Workshops

Current Class Schedule  (May 2016)

At present we are only teaching SUP Yoga classes. Find out where and when here.

Private & Small Group lessons available on request – please get in touch. 


Relax & Rejuvenate – Restorative Workshops

Restorative Yoga


Saturdays are for relaxing – and this session is guaranteed to put you in the right state of mind. Benefits of relaxation are numerous: lowered blood pressure, improved digestion, boosted immunity and increased energy levels to name a few. So join us for the best two hours of the week to relax, refresh and renew. Restorative Yoga lets your body receive all the physiological benefits of yoga postures, without the strain or effort of using muscles to hold you there. This conscious relaxation gently leads your mind into a quiet space, resulting in a profound sense of calm – with the added bonus of reducing your risk of stress-induced disease.
This workshop is suitable for all levels, and highly recommended for anyone seeking stress-relief or a quiet space to unwind. Also perfect for those who practice a more dynamic style to help balance their overall yoga experience. By learning to still the body you’ll see the lasting benefits of a calmer outlook and start to cultivate a quieter mind.


Yoga & Hiking Days

Starting May 2016 – weekend day trips to Seven Sisters in Sussex, Box Hill in Surrey, Ivinghoe Beacon in the Chilterns and more.

SUP Yoga/ Paddleboard Yoga

Starting May 2016 – classes in Paddington and Windsor. Also see our SUP & SUP Yoga Holiday to Sardinia in April and October.