Yoga Nidra

A Short Yoga Nidra

Many of you have asked for recordings of the yoga nidra sessions so I finally managed to record a short one here for you to listen to/ download and hopefully get some relaxation out of it. If you want a copy of it and are not able to download it from here just pop me an email and I’m happy to send it over to you.

As with any yoga nidra, it’s best if you can be in a quiet place, lying on your mat or on the floor. But don’t let that stop you from listening to it wherever you might wish – a crowded tube can become your peaceful oasis. In this session it talks about being in a room with others who are practising but again just let your imagination take you there. And if you hear me laughing, or a strange noise in the background it’s because Clyde (my dog) fell asleep while I was doing the recording and started snoring… See, it really works!

Namaste. x