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Take the #OneLess Pledge

Plastic Water Bottle Waste is Out of Control

We’ve teamed up with ZSL London Zoo and the #oneless campaign to encourage all Yoga Studios and Yoga Teachers to restrict single-use water bottles in their studios and classes by 2018.

Weekly Classes

Yoga Flow 9.30am @ reCentre Health
Aerial Yoga 12pm @ Wellbeing 95

Aerial Yoga 10am @ Wellbeing 95
Hatha Yoga 6.30pm @ reCentre Health

Aerial Yoga 6pm @ Wellbeing 95

Yoga & Hiking

Paddleboard Yoga 3pm @ Paddington Basin

Featured In

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SUP Yoga & Secret Fitness

Last year we partnered with Secret London to offer their first Secret Fitness pop-up. Here’s what it was like..

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