Climbing Hello,

I’m Jen and I started Pure Yoga Zone in 2011 after finishing my teacher training. I called it Pure Yoga Zone because I wanted it to be about more than just my own yoga teaching and I’ve had the opportunity to work with some wonderful teachers over the years who have gone on to do fantastic things. (More on them later!)

I have to admit, it was decidedly NOT love at first sight with me and yoga… I was living in Los Angeles at the time working for LA Weekly and I loved nothing more than being out and about running, hiking, cycling, climbing, team sports, anything outdoorsy and I was there… Then one (rare!) rainy day I wandered into a yoga class… and didn’t even make it through the whole class. I walked out. Yes, I had decided yoga was definitely not for me.

Yoga, on the other hand, had other plans and many years later when I walked back into a studio, I was immediately hooked. I often tell this to new students in my classes as it’s something I believe in so strongly – yoga will come to you at the right time and the right place for YOU.

Yoga +

Though I am thoroughly committed to my practice and teaching, my love for the outdoors still greatly influences my life…Soon after setting up my classes I started organising weekends in Wales for Yoga & Hiking and then started one-day trips down to places like Seven Sisters and Box Hill.



Then I discovered Tigmi, a boutique hotel outside of Marrakech, run by the inimitable Jean Paul and his team that make it feel like home for everyone who visits. Over the past three years I’ve been six times and each time is unique and wonderful in its own way. In 2016, we’ll be hosting three events there, and keeping the Tigmi Tribe growing strong.



Next, I discovered aerial yoga while back home visiting family in New York City.


You may start to sense a theme that I like hanging upside down 🙂 In fact I liked it so much that I decided to undertake an Aerial Yoga teacher training with the wonderful people at Aerial Yoga London. But whilst in the training, fate intervened again and I met this beauty..

Jen and Jen

Jenifer Rudski-Bonnetplume, who besides having a fantastic name, also has a wonderful soul. We were instant friends and pretty much drove the entire class (and teacher!) crazy, talking all day about everything under the sun like cycling, climbing, dogs and… paddleboarding. Jen was the first person to introduce me to paddleboarding and SUP Yoga. Yoga..on a board… in the water? Yep, I definitely wanted some of that.

Next came Active360, and the fantastic Paul and Mo (and the rest of the team) who let me use their boards to practice, practice, practice while people walking across Kew Bridge stood taking photos asking if I was mad (yes, I could hear them..)

Kew Bridge

But I loved everything about SUP and wanted to share it with the world. Especially when I realised I could take my dog, Clyde, on board with me.

Clyde 2

Since then the paddleboard part of PYZ has grown yearly and I’ve had the chance to teach in Sicily (with the amazing Holly Price) and Sardinia (with the brilliant Diana and Mario from SUPAdventures) as well as Kew, Paddington, St Katharine’s Dock, the Olympic Park and at Wilderness festival (with the lovely Queen of Positivitea, Ellie Wharton). And once I was asked to teach a class for The Only Way is Essex.

In 2016 my teaching took a back seat to building another business, Well + Fresh to help support amazing yoga studios, teachers and wellness brands and products. It’s been an incredible ride and look out for exciting things in 2017. As part of that, we’ll be working closely with studios like YogiYoga in Wandsworth and Eve & Grace in Clapham to bring more yoga and wellness into your lives.

Hope to see you on the mat soon.

Jen x